Saturday, November 30, 2013

So make an effort.!

So make an effort.!

It's not rocket science,
to be well,
you have to exercise,
and eat,
and be aware of how,
things are.

Life is not that hard,
or complicated,
unless we make it so,
and mess around,
and be nothing of more,
than this.

Doing something of value,
anything in fact,
needs to follow a path,
of truth,
and be kept in place,
by action.

Rewards do not come,
to the lazy,
despite what you have seen,
and heard,
and be available to them,
for free.

To have life to enjoy,
you must love,
and challenge the status quo,
by giving, sharing,
and be an example now,
of abundance.

Please make an effort,
to live peace,
to create a passionate world,
to know hope,
and be the light of change,
everyone wishes to see.!

Que Tienes Hacer.

Que Tienes Hacer.

So, once again,
my head is in the clouds.
A light, a love, a call,
to be the best of men,
a man possessed,
but not consumed of,
the passionate fields of love.

Soul flies free,
some way off the earth.
A hope, a clue, a chance,
to fall in love and live,
a man possessed,
fulfilled by this fire,
the desire to be held again.

Soft and gentle,
I see her eyes do shine.
A look, a smile, a kiss,
to drive me into heaven,
a man possessed,
to be loved by you,
the angel of Spanish dreams.

Spoken the words,
could save my mortal soul.
A pain, a doubt, a cure,
to prove me once mentally sane,
a man possessed,
but not beyond hope,
to have the joy you share.

Something begins today,
and you know, 'what you must do'.
A note, a tone, a response,
to bait the fire in me,
a man possessed,
but who's owned by you,
Senorita who knows my worth.

In the pit.!

     In the pit.!

Random in nature,
Yes of course it would be,
A flute blowing my name,
The icicles of desire,
Building houses
Set on flame.
Once was all it took,
Those eyes, a smile,
I'm on her hook.
Thrust to stagger,
For a breath to live,
A stirring deep
In the pit of my stomach
Will give.
Must I bear it
More than a day?
Oh yes I must,
If I'd ever get my end
(no, not that)
She'll come to stay...!


Monday, November 25, 2013

Courage to be Daring.

Courage to be Daring.

In all things emotive,
The law of love will
Reign supreme.
Gift me as a warrior,
Supported always in how
I'm following my dream.

Strike the iron
Whilst the fire burns hot,
Test my metal
Show the world and fear,
Just what courage I've got.

Dare to be different,
Face down hate with a
Sword of love.
Let light beam out,
Vanquish darkness and deceit,
Use gentleness like a dove.

Venture out,
And walk the path of truth,
Don't let them see despair,
Praise the simplistic innocence
Of your youth.

Stand for something grand,
Not a good for nothing
Lying sinner.
Strive to be more daring,
If you'd be recorded as
Life's winner.

Walk, talk and
Act with utmost decency,
For this, the way the brave
Prove that they understand, how
To use loves frequency.

Courage to be Daring.

The above song is a tribute to John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono.
We love you John. R.I.P. 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

It will be good tonight..

It will be good tonight..

God girl, you're amazing..!

It's just not all about,
you know...
the eyes, though they call me.
Nor about the lips,
parted and ready to be kissed,
hungrily and passionately.
Or about the way your hips
roll and sway,
and say,
hold me baby all day today.
No girl it's not,
in the art form of grace,
or such glory
I notice on this place,
where all images begin,
from the smile,
cutting across your
happy face.

But it might just be,
greater than all
I see,
in the tone of your voice,
or from watching
how you decide to
make a choice.
Being with you now,
in this time,
in this space,
upon this rock of hope,
to realise one truth,
what I'd lost
with youth,
before I knew myself.
Let the dance commence,
may we wind down the dawn,
where souls meet
to be reborn,
I shall worship you,
till love is done.

Is might right?

Is might right?

The tragedy begins,
as so often is the case,
a body bathed in blood,
desperation deeply lines a face.

A terrible injustice,
that needs to be resolved,
crimes of lovers' torrid passions,
that are dying never solved.

Woes bloody destiny,
that proves a mindless state,
actions done without remorse,
and an ending scarred by hate.

A foetid tale,
of how bad, love sometimes lets,
a replication of the divisiveness,
brings redemption that hatefulness be-gets.

The blinding light,
of jealousy that flashes forth,
stealing reason from a milder one,
has brought a disaster without worth.

Lost in madness,
to be right, right, right...!
have we forgotten the reason,
and of what truth we fight..?

In Shakespeare's tales,
we were aptly forewarned,
to be - or - not to be selfish,
nor with our egos adorned.

Is might right..?
we'd do well to review.
Or could we be stronger still..?
Let our world try something new.....!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Creep !

Creep !

He may call it stealth,
But we will call it weird.
Crouching down, peeking out,
Hiding behind a wiry beard.

Agendas of a hidden nature,
Cold the eyes of haunting depth.
Staring into her bedroom window,
Is too extreme, line overstepped.

Collections of her discarded garbage,
Held in trust to be adored.
Fathom out this pathological conduct,
And this darkness being stored.

Fantasize of days yet becoming,
Captive to this alarming man.
Keep your distance and your senses,
And run away whilst you still can....

Monday, November 11, 2013

End of an Era.

End of an Era.

Oh the times are a changing,
Some fearfulness is rearranging,
How many hopes will go out blazing,
On your winds the goal, so amazing.

Filled with words of lover's rhyming,
See how bold my spirits' timing,
That soars towards heaven climbing,
And make me blessed, joy defining.

Wiser I have found this folding,
Taken life in waves of my holding,
Not that I have time for counting,
Where joy breathes love forever mounting.

Laughed have I in fields gazing,
Where we have rested idly lazing,
Came the dusk to find us dozing,
We never woke our time was closing.

Sunday, November 10, 2013



inside silence is chaos,
dull thudding of fear,
why have all my sorrows,
suddenly gotten clear?

Two by two
they all come inside,
no still body rests,
yet by my side.

Tide of rising change,
something always secure,
a wish I hold aloft,
someone my own, pure.

Filled by dread
of what this loneliness,
could ever do to me.
Then I spy the island,
and paradise to see.

Swallowed by the current,
down to deep abyss.
Gone the ethereal bounty,
a vision safe to kiss.

Gasping I for oxygen,
to fill lungs bleeding raw.
Here again comes fantasy,
gliding through this door.

Fettered by a mystery,
why I'd stayed alone.
Fingers raw from wagging,
and bitten to the bone.

Fever lost for sightlessness,
it came my way,
and I left the race.
Now I want resurrection,
to see her smiling face.

Its far too much,
to ask of her,
to be alone tonight.
Even though I'd cherish,
a pound of flesh to fight.

God knows my pain,
for he executes me now,
woulds't that I lack honour,
and break a sullen vow.

Share my heart
again to the raging sea.
Floundering beneath desire,
where she and I could be.

The bottom calls me,
from the highest highs.
I'm bursting to grasp,
those creamy thighs.

Bedecked with all finery,
of love to be secure.
Wisps of hair and
cotton blouse undone,
is too much to endure.

The spoils of her riches,
take my breath away.
I'm a defo gonner,
what else can I say?

As I land on cushions,
plumped of soft allure.
Dare me yet to offer,
something less than pure.

Nineteen are, summers seen,
to build the love of grace.
Take me now forever,
I fall flat upon my face.....

Friday, November 08, 2013



Elder flowers and crimson roses,
Send the scent, bound for noses.
I watch a line of yellow posies,
Beneath a shade the puppy dozes.

Could this be what our heart supposes,
Swaying poppies from wind that blowses?
Pushing out fragrance nature discloses,
Parting the sea of scent like Moses.

Learning ways to enjoy this scent,
And create a bounty without detrement.
Where paradise is known and meant,
From essences her beauty truly sent.

We take a sight that costs no rent,
And breathe the joy her wonders vent.
Acknowledging the aromas of all she lent,
Where we savour the scent of agreement...

Hairless Pussy.

   Hairless Pussy.

It began on a Friday.
Love, that old devil
Caught me, off guard
'Neath the Shard,
Falling hard,
Like a fumbling
She shaves the soul,
Drew me in,
Softly, darkly, scented,
Demented, consented, passion
Vented, the whole
Place, replace, re-traced,
Displaced and full.
Mounting her reward,
To be adored, floored,
Pawed, crimson sword,
Rock hard gored,
The shinning phallic windowed
Office of glory.

Is where this story,
Came all over,
The pretence of needing,
Cravings for it.
Left alone or bleeding,
Smooth and hairless,
As if to
No time to undress,
We thrust for
Power, almost an endless
Hour, upon the
Carpet, with bruises and pain.
Something innocent was
Lost in that time,
When she forced upon me,
Her hot young
Manicured and heaving,
Sense of bequeathing,
No rhyme or reason,
In milder season,
Which came to us there,
Again and again and again.....!

It may not be what you think, it could be less or it could be more.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Cotton Fields.

Cotton Fields.

Cotton soft her beguiling way,
I never understood.
Some enchanted mysterious allure,
Something bloody good.
Working in a way of love,
I'm ever dreaming.
Living for a life alone,
She's ever scheming.

Day break warms the cotton fields,
Under baking sun.
Night-time hears Owls hoot,
Foxes on the run.
Save me from this travesty,
Bury me alive.
Fill me full of happiness,
Somewhere we survive.

Land of milk and honey,
Flowing as before.
Bested for a way to dance,
Always knowing more.
Tipped the scales towards regret,
Shinning ever bright.
Lost before we ate the fruit,
And that bloody fight.

Fumbling with a reddened collar,
Mortally wounded soul.
Staring into lifeless, sightless eyes,
Gaping open hole.
Implements of hatred shall fall,
Sacred holy ground.
Cotton fields dead to love again,
Silences painful sound.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013



Cold and bitter, worry of a mobile age, something familiar is sending me in rage. How folly laid bare an insatiable need, all I've ever learned, is yet more greed. Bite the hand that feeds your desire, gift the blessing of an all consuming fire. Held in hands so full of knowing life, a heart that beat strongly, and affectionate wife. Strong as Ox's pulling carts to market, I have a love, yet nowhere I can park it. Build me up to contemplate the craziness, or lay me down gently, help me to undress. Guide this love into ways of pure remorse, or tell me under gritted teeth, you want a divorce. God alone can understand this rare paradigm, something never in my life, what is never mine. Dream the final frontier, crossed in flashing light, told a humble story as a representative of night. Give me more to believe in, under starry skies, let me die in happiness, drowning in your eyes....

Sunday, November 03, 2013

An Incredible Journey.

An Incredible Journey.

Where time has lost a heartbeat,
I fell to space undone.
The Shaman drums against the wind,
To calm the storm in me.
Had I loved her through eternity,
Only she, would have known?
Could my eyes have seen again,
All that I'd adored?
Soul of the world that spoke in me,
Showed all rewards as one.
Given to the laws of loves fate,
I'm filled in her once more,
Open doors where the fire ignites,
Deep down, below desire.
The thawing of this winter ice,
Warms like the burning sun.
Witches of the days long ago free,
Return to mind and heart.
Sacred rites performed most every night,
Can cancel out my fear.

Eagles flight above the darkest night,
Of Baikal freezing winter chill.
Will not soften yet a heart of stone,
Until the violin raises love.
Once upon a long summer gone,
The whispers took her away.
Gold the voice of eastern skies,
I'm lost to see her more.
An angel rode beside me there,
We walked hand in clammy hand.
Nothing touched the joy made then,
For love had touched souls.
Peels of thunder called my name,
When dying took me home.
Now I'll live in clearer light,
Regaled as one of them.
Always was the journey to be,
I'd fought my battles well.
Now I realised this sacred truth,
I've finally escaped from hell....!

The power fills me.

   The power fills me.

Over the fading horizon,
I have walked a thousand times,
Calling me are angels walking,
In the sounds of peoples song.
We the fellowship of abundance,
Come together and work for love,
Something new to herald progress,
Setting peace upon our hearts.
Letting go of ancient constructs,
Moving into earth once more,
Being all the change of progress,
But walking on mother earth with care.
It generates a power within me,
To see a hope of paradise,
But not of one denying nature,
Always one, performing more love.
And in this way we'll build together,
Joy in unity of purpose shared,
Know a life sustained by caring,
A dream beyond what I have dared....

Squeeze me please..!

Squeeze me please..!

I'm a peach,
so squeeze me please,
hold my hand,
show me how you tease.
Found a love,
as sweet to hold,
keep me vibrant,
until time grows old.

Pinch a tweak,
that playful young gesture,
having to know,
my eyes have undressed her.
Playful in passion,
we move on desire,
burning her body,
I ignite with a fire.

Critical the point,
I may not yet return,
arriving to heaven,
if I'd ever learn.
She knew how,
to drive my joy insane,
thrusting her hand,
upon my throbbing vein.

Emancipate the mystery,
that comes in your eyes,
show me surrender,
'neath the lofty blue skies.
Stay here forever,
I taste your sweet heart,
joining in frenzy,
where we're squeezing apart.

You are a peach,
that quench..ed my thirst,
always a pleasure,
to make you be first.
Smothered in craving,
to be your true man,
shook me alive,
be the best that I can.

Sharing a moment,
where power came within,
are we naughty,
did we commit a sin?
Demon of virtue,
ensconced in my bed,
squeeze me again,
once more till I'm dead....!

Friday, November 01, 2013

A Decadent Fool..!

A Decadent Fool..!

blaz'e, rough and rude,
someone foolish often crude.
thoughtless, cursed of mouth,
sometimes passion heading south.
candid as the noble jester,
but largeness don't yet impress her.
fond of larking every day,
to drive the dark memories away.
lack of patience under pressure,
fills his coffers finding treasure.
spite to sell, decadence,
is not worthy of a good defence.
he's full of worthless lies,
his bullshit mounts into the skies.
so he can assimilate reward,
where he believes he is adored....