Monday, April 29, 2013

4 Dollar Delight.

4 Dollar Delight.

Inspired of chicory,
golden beans roasted to tease,
sold into destiny,
of the imbibers joyful ease.
Cupped for delight,
in the richness of desire,
loved between work,
and the play of building fire.

Sweetness is dissolved,
like the way I feel your smile,
helping me perform,
and to go that extra mile.
Bringing us together,
are the steaming mugs of grace,
wonderful and beautiful,
you put more kindness on my face.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Falling Between The Rocks.

Falling Between The Rocks.

Oh Sydney, autumn breeze,
Carry a honey to the bees.
Where I have buckled at the knees,
Smiled at by a glory to please.

Fond of, being coy,
She made me light, full of joy.
Used all the powers we employ,
Sucked in a man spat out a boy.

Stole my waiting heart,
I remember well, the passions start.
Took me where her gifts impart,
Wound me round, erotic simple art.

Warmer than, desert heat,
Her skin the colour beauty beat.
I fell before I took my seat,
In a tiny cafe, on that Sydney street.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mind Games.

    Mind Games.

Erratic at best,
Folly flows into despair.
And all the while,
My mind is gone,
Looking for love,
What sounds come here?
To the valley of damnation,
In a time of plenty.
Trip to the top,
Where bluebells fill my eyes,
Someone on the level,
Bringing answers to my why's.
Loud as any concert hall
Crumbled under dust,
Gone the power to belong,
This is gonna bust.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

So Hypocrites devour.

  So Hypocrites devour.

There are words of love,
And others of hatefulness and envy.
They called you blind,
As they wore their robes of travesty.
In the night they plotted,
Darkness to shame you brother.
Tho' in honesty you lived,
And died with freedom on your tongue.

You fought to bring decency,
Into the arena of men.
Some hated even your smile,
For they feared, what you gave.
Intelligence has left them,
Squandered on a deceitful ideal.
Sadness took the place of light,
You had done your level best.

They knew nothing of joy,
You created pure magic, friend.
Music was your medium,
To evoke the peace of all.
A lifetime gone too early,
You'd have showed a million more.
What love could do to strangers,

It was all about the timing,
Now we know, what you'd done.
Every action has a season,
And a reason to be known.
A bullet stole your life force,
But your spirit lives forever on.
Your honesty a legacy to peace,
And a victory proudly won.

'JohnLennon, Peoples Hero, Peacemaker.'

Monday, April 22, 2013

Deep Down Inside.

      Deep Down Inside.

Oceans roll over,
And below a deep blue tide,
Something stirs,
A noise, an echo inside.
Quench my ardour,
For I have grown to a size,
Passion moves,
As I pull energy into your eyes.

Forces of nature,
Deep below the surface of skin,
Laughter escapes,
As your wanton spirit rushes in.
Have to hold,
How the beauty manifests my smile,
Rising forcefully,
For this passion cannot me beguile.

Torrents of love,
Escape from this long last well,
Burning joy,
My nose loves the way you smell.
Dampen not hope,
For the days we'll have to share,
Living boldly,
Where my heart will know your care.

Wells running over,
How the light has caught my eye,
Darkness deserted,
Where no clouds obscure the sky.
Darling sweet lover,
Let me give you what I've held,
Purest devotion,
To a glory gift that's mine beheld.


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Aussie Parklife.

         Aussie Parklife.

Sunbeams, little rays of joy,
Nieces, scooters, fountains
And laughter.
So much fun on the breeze,
I fall deftly to my knees,
See the parrots in the trees,
Where children run amok,
Chalking stories on the floor.

Rows and rows of smiling faces,
Sun-hats colouring the scene.
Pure kids chatter
So serene, a beauty scene,
Where they can scream,
Unfolding on the dream
They dream,
In brilliant sunshine
Covered in cream.

Hannah and Grace.

Friday, April 19, 2013



There is something enchanting
about your smile.
I alone see the crease
of the eyes that shine forth.
Where perfection meets reality,
a soul sees out into
the open room of my heart.

Tiny nuances of the light,
playing on soft fleshy cheeks,
and in my heart a flutter.
A hope that your smile,
your thoughts,
are also coveting me.

Wild is the air of love,
passing across sultry lips aglow,
tenderly filling me with joy.
A welcome invitation to kiss,
a heartbeat I'll miss,
if I shall not know.

Smoothly you glide inside,
to places a moonbeam cannot reach.
Yet here on the light,
an intoxication you invite,
rising from the depths of,
loneliness that had kept me.

You have purged my half truth,
where once I had expired.
Something now is stirring me,
as the train of passion grows.
Did you sense the love I thought
to hold you in my arms?

Provocatively you walk my way,
to create a fainting resolve.
God alone could know my pain,
that your presence yet could solve.
I'd just like to tell you openly,
you're the world where I revolve...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Where Attention Goes Energy Flows.

Where Attention Goes Energy Flows.

Streams of colour flow,
And on the wind my affections go.
Some elixir of the kind I'd know,
Are stirring me, way down below.

Half asleep I see a dream,
Of what the light of love could mean.
And where we share a running stream,
Of waters pure and joy so clean.

Destined for a true romance,
I keep a check on my advance.
'Cos here before me a likely chance,
I spy a hope, in the way you glance.

Prove me worthy to receive,
All the love my dreams perceive.
Where you and I cannot deceive,
The force of energy that we believe.

In your eyes I read,
A message so crisp I ought to heed.
Where my spirit comes home to feed,
Rewarding all fountains from that seed.

Told a story fond of beauty,
Where finding it becomes my duty.
This passion draws me to be fruity,
In the arms of desire, such a cutey.

Bold as I am to be comely,
And luxuriate in light of all I see.
Where what I chose will come to me,
And angel hearts shall set me free.

There is a hope ahead,
On roads that will follow where I tread.
So I can cherish what is said,
Of the beautiful thoughts inside my head.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The power of dreams.

The power of dreams.

So they'll think you mad,
So maybe it won't be that bad.
Could be you'll live with excess,
Or a lesser point you'll address.

The dreams are your way to rise,
To go beyond what is seen by their eyes.
In them are your power to live,
On those flights of fancy they'll give.

So push yourself, imagination to expand,
So everything you do, you'll understand.
Go for something out of your reach,
In dreams is a power to teach.

No-one but you controls how you feel,
And a dream is not theirs to steal.
So let them flood into your days,
They'll bless you in so many ways.

Monday, April 01, 2013

Mental Muse.

 Mental Muse.

In your heart I recognise,
Is the compassion to love me.
To know me and to care,
Far more than I'd consider
I could deserve, or is fair.
But you love me still,
Show my heart how to fill,
With light and meaning,
And everything you plainly do,
My tears stream, respecting you.
No time do you lose to share,
All power that your peace
And love can hold me with,
You shower me, a better way to live.
Golden are your thoughts, divine,
Oh how I wish that
They all be as one, even mine.
Perhaps if I watch and study more,
This gift you share'...d be mine...

Inspired by Tenzin Gyatso. (Dalai Lama)

Alien Nation.

Alien Nation.

      Sometimes on this galactic starship,
I'm not here at all, at all.
      Days are cold and never ending,
When loneliness has come to call.
      Rage of the machines squeal,
To fill the nightmares,
      Lost my spirit under crisis,
Where panic is my one affair.
      Circling me like metal robots,
Come the noises of desperation,
      Down on the plains in flood,
Can my soul, find it's salvation?
      Cresting on a wave of progress,
All my worries shall fade away.
      Still, the hope alive beside me,
That I'll know, a brighter day.
      Alien the thoughts I cherish,
For a love I'd hope to seek,
      Bound to me like able courage,
Hidden in the tone my voices speak.
      Passion has a will to focus,
In the day of rich reward,
      That I find a way to open,
Every door my life can afford.
      Stars in heaven vast and celestial,
Call to me before your eyes,
      How long must I wait endearing,
Before you'd come to realise?
      Round and round, earth is spinning,
Faster than a child's spinning top,
      Like the reason for my heartbeat,
You show me light, that does not stop.
      Though myriads are here before me,
Only one has power to hold,
      And why the love devours my spirit,
My veins be filled, your liquid gold.
      If I should, fight the wicked,
It is because, my heart be true,
      The battles I have yet to conquer,
Are won already, in honour of you.

Face Facts.

             Face Facts.

You're ugly, old, bald
And fat. You smell like cabbage,
Why are you surprised, eh?

That you've got no life,
Or got no pretty lover,
Or that everything you wear,
Was picked out by your mother.

Something passed you by,
Whilst you dreamed of life,
But put no time in,
To actually living in the now...
No one's gonna blame you,
You do that well enough,
Just try to see the reason,
Why I'm giving you this shove.

Cold hard facts,
That's what I'm dealing with.
Is there something aching
Inside you to change,
To become your own salvation?

So please everyone,
Anyone who believes they
Are one of the above.
Take heart, take steps,
Choose life..!

Nothing is beyond you, if
Effecting change is called for.
Smile, breathe, hope, dream.
And resolve to be the one,
Who lights your world again.

No vegetables were harmed during the writing of this above folly.



Like... talk to the hand..!
Like talk to the finger,
You're not worth a hand..!
Like... I'm real pissed at you,
'Cos... you stole my effin, reason...

It's like... blah blah.. blah blah blah.....
I ain't got a flippin' clue,
Is there sumfin' real mate...
About what I 'kin' mean to you ?

Get outa my face... right..!
You do my bleedin' head in...
Right... or sumat like... innit ?

Bog off you piece of junk food,
'Cos... I'm smokin' a fag..!
You can tell me what you're finkin',
What-eva, whateva, WHAT-EVA.....!!!

Imaginary Friends.

Imaginary Friends.

Aina the timid little Polish girl,
Who in her affable way,
Adds so much realism into
Life, with her kind eyes and
The simplicity of her statements.

Connor, a six foot three giant,
Hewn from the Highland glen,
Where men are men again,
And all he knows of life,
Is the struggle to overcome.

Paris, the first born son of power,
Who lives on an island in sun,
Knows nothing of toil or soil,
Or anything remotely mundane,
Nothing much to drive him insane.

Breda the merciless who vanquishes,
Everyone in her path to fame.
Acting the parts of people whom
She will never ever see again,
Or ever taste the truth they are.

Vonda a matriarchal nurse practitioner,
Wielding her sword of knowledge,
In the never ending battles here,
To help the sick, the needy,
The lost, and bring about a cure.

Tony the builder who cashes in,
On economic misery rolling on.
So he can share with tiny Tim,
The son who's wheelchairs
Cost a bomb, a tidy effing sum.

Poor old Julia sitting staring,
From windows tired of sun,
And rain and hail and blizzards,
Where the doubts have held her,
And torn asunder her lonely innards.

Then Ralph a man of honour,
Held tightly his head up high,
And watched the autumn sky.
The bridge his one last friend,
What a marvellous way to die.