Thursday, March 29, 2012

You Touched Me

You Touched Me
A beautiful stranger

Now you have gone,
Left to defeat your chores,
I thought that you had returned,
As I drew in your fragrance.

Looking at the light in your eyes,
I had forgotten to breath.
But I had sensed your scent,
A most wonderful, romantic allure.

Tho' brief our encounter,
You have most certainly touched me.
I took your hand in mine,
Where power flowed between us.

As I put my hand,
To my nostrils, here you are
Come back, floated upon the air,
And a flutter of hope too.

Don't be scared, for I
Have wanted you in a moment.
And as you sailed away,
Left me noticing the space here.

For a few short glorious minutes,
I smiled at pure heaven.
And gazed upon the face of angels,
Drawing my desire to grow.

Now that I am alive,
Your awareness thrust me awake.
What can I do but believe,
Destiny will play a part.

Your scent still warms my skin,
And I am happy to know.
One day we will be together,
If the power of love takes hold.

 From the wonderful film about love,