Saturday, June 30, 2012

Time to Live

Time to Live

Go on friend, take heart.
Is it really over here ?
Will you not rise from,
Ashes of only waking fears,
When the spirit of desire,
Announces it's rightful place.

Do not despair, for me,
As I do not for you.
We only really come to know,
When counting is all done.
Be bold, be bright, declare abroad,
Just how you came to see.

Please don't allow the dread,
To overcome the power of now.
The life you wanted, waits,
The signal of your own word.
Everything is before you again,
Wake up my friend, it's time to live.

For Tim. x

Take You With Me

Take You With Me

If the stars aligned,
North meets South here.
No other place could,
Be within my desire.

In the bigger picture,
I saw your spirit.
Walking with me always,
Smiling, laughing, talking, loving.

And it was glorious,
To be your soul mate.
Sharing life of purpose,
Being in your eyes.

Asking the universal energy,
For such a blessing,
Simply that I could,
Take you with me.



Delightful in my eyes,
You, a jewel of original light.
If the stars align here today,
Will you be with me tonight ?

Gold as precious to,
Me, not yet a royal king.
Has built me a fortune palace,
And all glory that you bring.

Opal shines as perfection,
You, the greatest gift of my life.
Can the heavens support my wish,
Will you choose to be my wife ?

Loneliness has vacated here,
Me, the luckiest person to live.
Sharing the breath of the wind,
In the place of perfection, you give.

Update June 2012

I will say this, only once.... 
(with Allo Allo French accent)

This is not a poem, but an announcement. 

As many of my loyal readers will be aware, I am presently on a mission to walk the entire United Kingdom. A walk of about 3000 miles and this will take about a year, if all goes well and the great British People help out where they can, with my day to day needs. (Food and shelter)

I do presently carry a tent for the more emergency occasions, storms and way off the beaten track episodes, but hope to be able to recount the many stories of goodwill and kindness as I travel around this wonderfully green and sunny (Uh huh...) land.

I will no doubt be writing poetry as I go too, but am preparing you for the lapses in new additions being as frequent as they once were. I have for example about 20 poems written yet not displayed, and hope to rectify some of that now, but may need more time over the next few months. I will continue to read where ever possible the many blogs that you also write, and that I have enjoyed thus far. I shall comment as per usual and reply to the messages left, again as soon as is feaseable. Your continued patience and readership are very much my hope, with all these related difficulties. So bare with me and lets see what comes as the stimuli that my travels unfold into words. 

Take care all, and keep checking in to see whats new and where I am currently. Please feel free to come and get involved directly with the walk, by walking and sharing your stories with me. I hope to see some of you out there on the fantastic walks of Great Britain. 

Big hugs and loads of love,

Peaceful Warrior.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Last Breath-First Breath

Last Breath-First Breath

Upon your skin, warmth is golden,
Happily teasing spirit of life alive.
Complete now, you shall grow up,
To be the worthiness of this light.
Forever you have been coming,
Always you had been leaving.
To arrive here, you had left there,
In leaving there, you arrived in love.
Copy only the rhythms of love,
Pure, passionate, rich and devoted.
Call into being the world you see,
And do not be afraid to breath.
Let go of that stale, fetid air,
Enter in the clear rejoicing scent.
Fill your senses upon whispers,
Shout the glory of your being.
Return to me in the daylight,
Comfort me throughout the night.
Let your last breath be receding,
The first to bring you to be bright.

The new dawn of my transformation, began here.

Festival of POP

Festival of POP

Below ancient fabled streets,
An awakening of glorious sounds
Transmitted with electronic vibes
Has permitted me to amazement.

Veneration to sounds all unique,
Combined with talents to be seen.
I'm blown away, as if in a dream,
Here the Cavern Club, Pub and Eric's scene.

From far and wide they came,
How sad you missed it, what a shame.
Artistic in such rich array,
Drummers hammer, guitarists play.

We've danced , sung and cheered,
To idols known, unknown revered.
Cajoled into joy we rock to drop,
At the international overthrow of pop.