Monday, December 12, 2011

The Jihad

The Jihad

The greatest Jihad,
Is that for self.
Who will win the war,
The body or the soul ?

No skins' paler shades,
Nor darker tint,
Shall rule this desert,
Or command the mind,
When love has landed,
Upon the sands of time.

A place where warfare,
Terribly ruined a hope,
To rise above,
All other souls.
It came to be alone,
That campaigns were won,
And saved the day.

Brothers, sisters, lovers, friends
Commit to one command.
And spoil yourselves,
Let love begin.

Contrary to ancient rule,
We learned no nobler truth,
From hating skin,
From hating sin.
Than to give finer gifts.
And share our world,
Our precious earth.

Let not our guilt,
Our remorseful acts,
Break down the frontiers,
If we'd not let in,
A greater act of human love.
Be what you are,
And fight for self,
But never live in fear,
Of the great spirit you are within.