Tuesday, December 13, 2011

If I Push Harder

If I Push Harder

It would be so easy,
Reward to my tired muscles.
But nothing but agony,
To my will, to my conscience,
To my soul striving to see,
If I just gave up, gave in.

The world has to see it,
Has to believe it will come.
Just as so many have seen,
Have dreamed, since time began.

Please hear the words repeated,
Those that clothe the soul.
Swallow up the gnawing hole,
Filling it with pure love.

Doesn't it feel like the key ?
Isn't there the ring of truth ?
Can you not dare enough,
To walk over the barrier ?

Dear friends, dear strangers
Yet to be known in peace.
Let these words describe,
The experience you desire,
To live with a new lasting joy.

Let no-one deny you,
Deny me, our right to know.

So with hand on heart,
I swear to do all I can.
Do all that can be done,
Pushing harder to achieve,
A fulfilment of my dream.
The dream of the good, the
Young, and the peacemakers.