Friday, December 23, 2011

Children See Me

Children See Me

It feels so wonderful,
But somehow a collision of.
All the world that are sleeping,
And those that are dreaming,
Brings a weirdness to understand.

Children see me,
For who I am, not more.
They have not the desire
To judge, my clothes, my hair
The tint of skin, but the soul within.

Clearly they allow their eyes,
To accept all of truth.
Don't filter through the lens,
Of hypocrisy and classic rules,
The man who passes by.

Eyes wide, eyes bright,
Hearts open to the light.
Children see me smiling,
When all about is in chaos,
And the world is upside down.

Bless them for their love,
I hope to share mine too.
My notion is, from what I see,
They are ready to take on,
The challenges that we've failed.

And as I see them watching me,
It fills my heart to overflow.
This joy is what were looking for.
They give love, don't ask for more,
So why do we not see ..??