Monday, December 12, 2011

Hi-Viz Poet

Hi-Viz Poet

See me ?
Couldn't miss me.
But what ?
Do you see my face,
Or do you see, me ?

Questions, many questions,
But do they have,
Answers, more riddles ?

I celebrate my uniqueness,
As a breast plate shinning,
Day-glow yellow,
Fluorescent attractive lines.
Dazzling my contemporaries,
Who're lost in worlds blind.

So who is being
Observed here today,
Me in pandemonium,
Or they I look upon ?

As rain smacks the streets,
In convalescent meandering lines.
Rivulets of liquefying gold,
Come home to please me.
And I rejoice this place,
A shimmering wet face,
Where mascara lines trace,
Making for the door they race.

See me,
Please don't miss me !
See more than face,
Look, my heart I trace,
To where we live as one,
Human race.