Sunday, March 31, 2013

Who Wins From War?

Who Wins From War?

As the bombers leave,
For a moment the world is still.
A breath between the new calm,
And the terror to come.
When the living shall see
Their dead, loved ones
Strewn, torn and shrapnel scarred.

Screams erupt on cue,
To fill the smoking dawn.
Who has not lost here?
No-one knows or recognises,
The cruelty of this deed,
Until in the blackness
And the cold,
They see their loved ones bleed.

Utter desperation rises,
Yawns into the crimson sky.
The evil heart of hatred,
Tolls the bell we die.

Happy seem the pilots,
To have wrought this bloody end.
Claiming freedom gained,
Using hatred to defend.

Have not they remorse,
For acting ignobly against?
The way is opened up,
For reprisals and revenge.
Along the streets bedecked,
Bodies weep to expire again,
Lost the reason to respect,
Such love, for the greed of men.

Children orphaned under rubble,
Women widowed to despair,
Screaming out in bitterness,
How can life be so unfair?
Soon, the searing pain
Draws a focus onto desolation,
Gone the pride of every nation.

Leviathans rise up again,
Rolling into towns on fire,
Forcing out the snipers gun,
Where hope wallows in man's mire.
Soldiers force their combat,
Into every house and door,
Claiming rights to do their bidding,
As if they had owned the law.

But as they step on land-mines,
They shall pay the final price,
Of the terror they excited,
Because they steal the sanctity,
Marching onto lands, un-invited.

Blown limb from limb,
With second thoughts they fall,
Widows back in homelands cry,
To have lost a mighty friend.
And in blood and guts expiring,
Is the peace they must defend.

'War is stupid, and people are stupid.'

Culture Club.

Two tribes.
Frankie goes to Hollywood.

Edwin Starr.

Heal the World.
Michael Jackson.

Eve of Destruction.
Barry McGuire.

I in no way mean to disrespect any soldier who has fought with their belief that they were doing the right thing. I do however believe there are other ways far more fair and long lasting to resolve conflicts than using violence and warfare. It is my freedom of speech I am exercising here. May love guide our hearts to find the compassionate way, and end war forever. Let's give PEACE a chance....


Saturday, March 30, 2013



The world has lost faith,
and bound you,
to that tree.
Some wept, like me,
you'd come to save,
to set us free.

The evil was at work,
binding you aloft,
nailed to torture cross.
Some hoped, we groped,
as darkness fell about,
mankind being lost.

The chance to see truth,
held in you,
beaten to a pulp.
Who knew, that you,
forgave us still?
No greater love than you.

The wicked did not win,
in you salvation came,
died in righteous cause.
Bring peace and love,
showed heavens fame,
and glory to gods name.

The weak have hoped in you,
lamb of god,
light of the world.
And on Golgotha,
you alone declared,
how paradise shall come.

The love in you proved,
we can live again,
one people, one truth.
Everyone on earth,
because of your courage,
salvation is at hand.

Inspired by Mel Gibson's 'The Passion of Christ.'

And that Easter should be a reminder to everyone of how wicked can be our deeds to innocent and genuinely kind people.

Friday, March 29, 2013

This Year it Will be Different.

This Year it Will be Different.

So many days, so many ways,
I had known about you.
In all of the glorious things,
That our life shared, together
Would bring, my heart ached again.
Torn between the burning lights,
And the softest skin delights,
Days inspired by the closest touch,
Of how we had loved so much...

So many things, quietness brings,
Thinking what glowed about you.
So many wonderful things,
We had shared together,
Rode storm and blisteringly cruel
Weather, fell in love forever,
Took power from sharing endeavour.
Days where time seemed eternal,
Now it seems my nights infernal...

So many joys, yet loneliness employs,
All the memories about you.
How could I ever forget,
The moment we met, under regret
Of the pain I feel within me now?
I feel as though I've failed,
Somehow I was the one impaled,
Bearing the hate of the world,
And letting this tragedy, that occurred...

So many nights, you in my sights,
Building the passion about you.
My life was filled with love,
Peace kept me riding high,
Where everything important was you.
So I must move on ahead,
And not grieve forever, you said,
To prove that our love had been true,
Despite all that I'd wanted was you...


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Are We Freaks, Friends Or Fools.

Are We Freaks, Friends Or Fools.

Dance the dance of love,
Come be where you shall be.
Find a room for your light,
Throw your heart into life.
Sometimes the dreams we follow,
Are the way we lose our sight.
End up in a frenzy of despair,
Or lose the will to fight...

So glow if you fill with passion,
Joke away the doldrums of fear,
Build upon a foundation of love,
To draw good people, more near.
Does it matter that we toil,
With doubts about our journey?
Let's celebrate our differences now,
Like the freaks, friends and fools we are...

A Waste Of Space.

     A Waste Of Space.

Could it be said?
Yes, but maybe,
Just maybe it isn't true.
The rhythm and rhyme,
The daily time,
Spent mulling over,
White cliffs of Dover,
Or rolling,
In fields of golden clover.

Should it be feared?
Yes, but possibly,
Just possibly it is beginning.
The daily dose morose,
The spectre gross,
How well we love
To rise high above,
Or fighting,
To still be beloved.

Will you be fooled?
Yes, but honestly,
Just honestly it could heal.
The pain of your heart,
The lonely start,
Be sent far away,
And brighten up your day,
Or calling,
Your spirit home to stay.

Wouldn't it be right?
Yes, but probably,
Just probably my wordiness saves,
The need to fear,
The silent ear,
And an empty goal,
I can fill in this hole,
Or inviting,
Breathe passion into your soul.

Monday, March 25, 2013

To Mean Something.

To Mean Something.

Could I be the grass,
Beneath your feet?
Maybe the wind beneath your wings,
For I'd be the light behind your eyes,
If something had moved within your soul.
How does it feel to know I care,
That I would follow you anywhere?
To see me beyond your darkest night,
And comfort you here without a fight?
Oh that my life would serve you well,
Take what you need and want as well,
Practice the art of love that's pure,
Be there for you even before the cure.
Passing a moment inside your heart,
Fond of the cause to what may start,
Brighter than any ray of sun,
Knowing how much we'd share the fun,
Calling each other sweet names, we run,
Something unstoppable, how we'd become.
Have I been the reason,
To make you smile?

Or maybe the hope,
Filling up in your heart?
I want to be your poet true,
Help stop the pain that makes you blue,
Take the coldness from your hands,
Walk with you still, across the sands.
Where we would know a simple thing,
Pleasure beheld as you'd wear my ring,
Dream of the love to make us sing,
Know of the passion in everything.
Darling I see this grace in you,
Sparkling eyes build my heart anew.
Potent the way you give delight,
Something holy is laid within my sight,
Special is what you may feel tonight,
If I can prove how for love I fight.
Kiss me before the day has gone,
Memories last when the reason shone,
Hold me and let me know again,
Have I been the season,
You'd smiled upon?


Friday, March 22, 2013

Righteous Madonna.

Righteous Madonna.

Carved with mortal hands,
Born from silent golden sands,
Angel of light wore my bands,
As she walked along in holy lands.

Worship thee I do,
Bow to honour you.
Taste the fruit, this dew,
Some peace forever new.

Styled as Saffron fields,
My spirit towards you, yields.
Taken by the power your love wields,
This righteous Madonna my heart shields.

Pray for thee I do,
To live beyond the blue,
A heaven where love be true,
Some part I shared with you.

Formed of earthly grace,
Not bound to time nor space,
Where our love can take the place,
More than smiles upon my face.

Trust in thee I do,
Above all I ever knew.
Touched by love that grew,
Surrendered deeply over you.

Blessed by sacred femme,
Where my life began again,
Proved to me just where and when,
Love has saved me now, Amen...! 


Here 'n' Gone.

        Here 'n' Gone.

The light of you,
once here, now gone,
used to make me strong,
and show me where I'd belong.
Some other love came,
but it too, undone,
a loss of passions roll along,
some other lover did me wrong,
so out of tune, their lonely song.

The love of you,
hopelessly pure, moved on,
changed into another I'd become,
I thought I'd seen how life was won.
Another love, challenged me,
though I could walk, I'd never run,
no more be blessed in golden sun,
where you and I had shared the fun,
that day destroyed, now you are gone...