Tuesday, December 13, 2011



Golden child, let down your hair,
Fall flowing 'cross my loin.
Where you are now
I have loved to be.
Now long to be, again.

So casually you loose the locks,
To bind my heart within.
Do you yet know desire
Has stirred deep below, a sin,
Now stirred below my skin.

Fortified, the tower of passions
Where we come to know romance.
I climb your turrets longingly,
Hoping to satisfy your need
And the princess inside, release.

No high level can deny me,
Where I jumped a heaven train,
Riding into the evening sun.
Cast out no more from you,
Saving all you want to be.

Sweet child, the woman becoming,
Have you seen my mighty sword ?
Cutting and 'a' slashing through,
All debris left to uphold
And block my way to you.

Respond with messages of doves,
Sent here to conquer me.
For I shall climb forever,
To be where I know you are.
To be always where you are...