Friday, March 03, 2017

All she wanted was the dream.

All she wanted was the dream.

By day she wanted smiles,
For the night-times she begged,
A hand of love and friendship,
And the caress of skin on sheets.
All at once she awoke,
The day for dreams had come,
The arrival of her prince charming,
And oh how very charming, he.

Stood so close to destiny,
Her heart was turned to jelly,
The legs so firm and once supportive,
Quivered as he walked towards her.
Light shone all around her,
The beating pulse within her veins,
Threatened to make this girl explode,
And in those eyes she saw peace.

Long had been the journey,
Adventure had been the serendipity,
Love was flowing copiously around,
And her feet had definitely left the ground.
Moments passed in silence,
As time stood still before her,
Destiny had finally arrived today,
And now she failed to see divine.

The road had been long,
Trains and cars and angel messages,
Brought the girl before her fate,
And here stood, her perfect date.
Sounds ringing in her ears,
Reminded her of timeless dreams,
Voices carried on the proverbial breeze,
As the world became her friend.

But despite the presence,
Of space and time combining here,
The dream realised, felt somehow hollow,
No longer a road left to follow.
All the days and months,
The years of endless loneliness gone,
Still the girl could not be moved,
To find the joy that saved her soul.

Preparations were all complete,
To face the date with destiny,
But when he faced her honestly,
It was only her fear she’d find to see.
Though heaven answered prayers,
The reality was far too much to bear,
A fleeting hope for companionship,
And someone who’d always be there.

Love can be a comedy,
A two edged sword to wield,
Cutting through the veils of pretence,
No chance for sitting on lifes’ fence.
Now the girl denied,
What the universe had caused to be,
From the dreams she asked to hold,
That would allow her love to unfold.

Here the apocryphal tale,
Unfolded in front of her very eyes,
Yet all she would do was run away,
The chance for happiness destroyed.
In the cold light of day,
All those years of hope, of searching
Were over, and here stood her dream,
She’d not let her tears be seen…!

You’re my, One.

      You’re my, One.

Soul in the very heart,
You steal the breath of me,
In all of my life alone,
I know you come to set me free.

Sweetest dreams of passion,
Wrapped up in such perfect grace,
Abundance of the mystery here,
As I adore your smiling face.

Scented as the forest glade,
A meadow of flowers you bring,
Under this calm appearance see,
How a desire has made me sing.

Shout and raise me up,
You fill me higher and higher,
You’re even better than the real thing,
And you set my heart on fire.

Shinning like the morning sun,
I’m blinded by your open light,
I’ve fallen quicker than sense allows,
And I’m without the urge to fight.

Shivers rise along my spine,
The feelings for you become intense,
All I know is love has arrived,
No more time for sitting on the fence.

Surely you feel this too,
As we let our emotions run,
Is it really too hard to believe,
It is you, you’re my, one…!

Fixing a leaky valve

     Fixing a leaky valve

Your voice has the power,
To move me in so many ways,
It both excites my ardour,
And is like a fire hose that sprays.
Collateral damage in the game,
Where attractions rise beyond desire,
Holy Christ you are amazing,
My whole body set on fire.

The tools for the job,
Are really going to be tested, yes,
There will no doubt be leakage,
And we’ll end up in a sticky mess.
But if we keep up the pressure,
To stem the flow of desolation,
Our passion to make it all right,
Could bring relief to the frustration.

At the well head again,
I see the flowing of pleasure,
You’ve surrendered to your fate,
And given me something to measure.
I have to be roughly bold,
To go down, deep inside the bore,
A test of my manly mettle,
I hear you begging for more.

Whatever the initial cause,
This beauty is about to explode,
Wrestling with a leviathan now,
That threatens to be rode.
Fireworks creating loves rainbows,
Caused by what has been held,
“Get here and fix this problem”,
Is what I hear being yelled…!

Now the sun shines once more.

Now the sun shines once more.

Yesterday I was sad,
The storm had not yet passed,
Dark clouds gathered,
Thick, dank, oppressive dawn.
Ozone burned as the storm
Passed, and left a silence,
The air was cold,
And my mood decimated.

Today I am happy,
Clear skies, warm thighs,
An abundance of spring cheer,
And the sound of laughter.
Brightly comes the sun,
Its’ heat filling my soul,
Right overcoming the wrong,
And you are still my song……

Holding back these years.

          Holding back these years.

So much is,
The weight of a pressure,
The caring, the sharing,
A home full of laughter.
One fine day,
All of these combinations,
Breathed a new space,
In which our love could grow.

I’m just me,
A silly old sod who cares,
It may be, too much,
But it’s the way that I am.
I could not,
For-see to be fair to you,
Just how wonderful this
Feeling will, can and should have been.

You’re just you,
The angel of the south,
Part of the new unfolding,
Of a life beyond the stars.
So much pressure,
To save me from myself,
Help me to expand the dream,
Where the years gone, be gone…

So much time,
Holding back these years,
A way to escape the fear,
Of what this all could mean.
One new day,
Has arrived to be with you,
Find, build and enjoy this magic,
Giving me a love forever true…!