Thursday, December 01, 2011



The magic of Christmas,
Is finally here.
Do I shed a solitary,
Being alone tear ?
The twinkling lights and,
Garlands of baubles bright,
Announce the festive season,
Come once more.

A carol new resounding,
Is the herald.
Times of goodwill and cheer.
Once again here.
And as my notions awake,
Where are your smiles,
That crossed over leagues,
Being with me ?

You are supposed to be,
With your beloved.
When bells tinkle, candles twinkle
The Yule tide bough.
But gone forever away,
Though I dream again,
Of seasons spent in love,
With you darling.

Santa's sleigh draws near,
Filling my stocking.
But gifts are as nothing,
When you aren't here.
I will not forget you ever,
Life goes on.
Here as the night sky vision,
Twinkle now upon.