Friday, November 30, 2012

Real, Gone, Kid...

Real, Gone, Kid...

Wasted as a giro top,
Blasted in a haze of dope.
Where he's gone,
No-one knows.
But he may come again,
One day that's full of rain,
Hoping to endure the pain.

Spaced between two worlds,
In between the betwixt,
And a fiery hell,
He never cared,
Can't you tell ?
Not death nor life,
He has to sell.

Bouncing up, bouncing down,
He's strayed too far,
He became a local clown.
Please try to understand,
And not always put him down.
Do you feel his tragedy,
Can you wear his thorny crown ?

The boy has left,
But he'll be back.
Would he ever get,
His life back on track ?
Probably it's because of the lack,
Not the crack,
That everything keeps,
Holding him back...