Monday, November 28, 2011



Purse those lips,
Smile, re-pucker again,
And blow the froth !!

The room has fallen,
Silent in expectant hope,
That your eyes rest,
Upon us with such love.

A form so very perfect,
Your lips dictate desire.
For all us wormy hopers,
To be the pillow down,
That you puff up, tonight..

You grip with passionate care,
Such tenderness a plastic cup,
Containing all your dreams.
A chocamento heaven gift,
And reflect the way we'd feel,
To be within your touch.

That velvety potion covers,
A brief moment of vision.
We ache to be so close,
Where you swallow smoothly,
The fragrant rich aroma.
Good graces we have forgotten,
We just tense, your sweetest smile.

And as the dream evaporates,
All the eyes have shed a tear.
Perfection in a simple act,
Has bound us all still here.
No reasons to be sorrowful,
You chose the best of men.
And keep us in a world of hope,
Where your lips make love again.