Monday, June 04, 2012

Desperately Far Away

Desperately Far Away

I could call you,
But what would that say ?
I miss you always,
As you are so desperately far away.
Time was not pretty,
My vision less than cute.
Had I held you once more,
Perhaps it would still be mute.

Life in another country,
Time to grow up for once,
Would my feelings have changed,
Or would you still be ensconced ?
How many times have I wept ?
Forgive me that ignoble deed.
Oh that you'd return here,
To be all that I need.

Oceans of proverbial blandness,
Cover all over my stain.
But all I ever wanted,
Was to kiss and hold you again.
Solid is the sound of love,
When it echoes from your name.
And still I wait in purgatory,
Lost the sweetness that having you came.

And life has proved a travesty,
Lost to idle waking repentance.
Nothing makes an ounce of sense,
Not hearing you bright utterance.
But I have hope still burning,
To find the heart within you glow,
Full of love and care for me,
When you return to let me know.