Monday, March 12, 2012

State of Ego

State of Ego

Damn you,” I cry.
That awkward bedfellow I know,
Has stalked me with dogged ease.
But now I see him,
Feel him rousing within my head,
I go ape, and defy him room.

Nowhere can he run now,
I am stalking him right back.
I, me, the who is a knowing,
Caught his reflection in the voice
I chose, the manner I have acted.
Awareness shall upend his cunning,
Take away his powerful grip,
Release me to the waking dawn.

Who am I. The man you see,
Or one concealed, not yet revealed ?

I who am, the power of two,
Has won the duel to escape.
Fetch in the cleaning crew,
His rooms to transform in my house.
Dislodged the ex lodger so sly,
Will no longer capture my eye.

If he wants to still fight,
I'm ready for him tonight.
I won't ever more cower in fear,
Feeling him being so near.
But I'll face what he sows,
Wave him goodbye as he goes,
Even if a gasket he blows,
Just as long as he now knows,
He's a chapter I've closed....