Monday, October 06, 2014

The Image of Me !

      The Image of Me !

You were a best kept secret,
a reason I've never had to know.
Born from the belly of a mother,
who'd received the blessings of seed I had to sow.

So where have you been growing,
in places I'd have loved to be.
How strange now this evoking reaction,
to behold in you the image of love that I see.

Tiny face and glowing eyes smiling,
no hatred contained in this moment here.
Only creation of the everlasting magic,
left when two people have not understood what is now clear.

Forgive me, for I had not a clue,
you had graced this world, this place.
Still, I hold no resentment at all,
now I am privileged to encounter you, image of my trace.

Though so much time has passed,
I'll waste not a moment longer,
to be honouring the message you carry,
one that I pray you can prolong, for you are stronger.

Flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone,
you are holding within you a key,
to a future that our world can share,
love unbridled by the greed, one where we are all free.

Happier now I can know you,
though till now we'd been estranged.
Amazed at how such tiny little hands,
can grip onto mine so strongly, for me this feels so strange.

I promise that I shall love you,
and make an effort to make up time.
For in you I see the image of me,
you're the blessing I'd never known was mine...