Monday, March 18, 2013

The Journey of Myself.

The Journey of Myself.

Just who is Peaceful Warrior ?
I ask myself.
What would he have loved to be,
And where would he end up free ?

So many things yet to know,
Where the soul opens up to grow.
The man I am on the outside,
A reflection of all on the inside ?

Who would be honest enough,
To take on this challenge so tough ?
Am I really the man I believe,
Or is there madness I hope to deceive ?

Thorough inquiry is needed to see,
Just what innocence resideth in me.
The love of a passion to share,
Each precious smile, if my spirit dare.

Mortal, my flesh is the first hurdle,
If I'd ever become my own idol.
Tempted to behave like a great writer,
Sounding out all the enemies whiter.

The voices inside me have said,
"That the truth is, I'm already dead."
Nothing new will be coming to save.
I'm a fellow who cannot misbehave.

All conflicts are mine to resolve,
If I'd ever choose honour alone to solve.
Fighting against myself to be free,
To be all the hope of peace I would see.

Miles upon miles of the way,
I battle myself ragged, everyday.
With a prayer to be peaceful indeed,
Where the spirit inside me, is freed.