Thursday, June 14, 2012

The You Search

The You Search

Such spirit I have dreamed,
Coming once upon a time.
Falling into my waiting arms,
To produce the light of grace,
Always this beaming smiling face.

So many long and winding roads,
I have travelled into the dark.
Hoping for a shimmer of you,
That essence of golden air,
Nothing else on earth will compare.

Stealthily I have moved ahead,
Every act of turning stones tried.
Many lonely nights I've cried,
That this hope ne'er be denied,
Until you return to my very side.

Energy floating upon the ethereal,
Golden breaths into lungs I feel.
As if the light from you I'd steal,
Everything I'm seeing appears so real,
Could my kissing you, yet seal the deal.

Synergy of time and space,
Combined with that, of angels face.
Bending me to know a clue,
Of everything that you'd do,
In love with pretty, pretty you.

Enough the power, to be free,
If you would come and walk with me.
Discover lands and pastures new,
Lay naked 'neath the skies of blue,
Talking, holding hands, being true.

So I will go, forever pushing on,
And pray, in time, you'll come along.
Share with me, this mortal coil,
Before we'd end it full of soil,
My life had been oh so, worthwhile.