Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Instant Appeal

Instant Appeal

What I’d really like,
Is to be able to say.
Something kind, sincere, moving
And yet something unique.

Kind of the way,
That seeing you for the first time.
Had me falling like a fool,
Wearing my underpants on the outside.

Girl you should know how far,
My heart leapt to my mouth.
A thought of telling you this,
Saving my aching soul more pain.

A buzzer gone off in heaven,
For surely you have fallen.
Escaped the realms of fiction,
And come to save me now.

Please do to me your worst,
‘Cos I’d only ever see the good.
Take time to know you only,
‘Til we’d be known as one.

For forty years I’ve waited,
To feel your breathing light.
And hold you in the night time,
Working magic with my hands.

Come lay with me, softly
Gentle the love we’d make.
Take me with you always,
On this raft of perfect bliss.