Tuesday, March 06, 2012

It's the gentle things you do !

It's the gentle things you do !

Yes I love the way you look,
I'm catered with the way you cook.
I'm proud to see that strength in you,
But mostly, it's in gentle things you do !

Intoxicating scents from your skin and hair,
And you raise a brow in your underwear.
But smile at me with those gentle eyes,
And my spirit rockets into the skies.

A caring mother and a passionate lover,
How could I ever care for another ?
You honour me and life with actions true,
Your whole family feel your gentleness too.

So please my darling, accept my humble thanks,
For blessing us all and filling in our blanks.
Because without the light and love you grew,
We'd be bereft of the gentle things you do...

Growing together..