Thursday, March 01, 2012

Great Expectations

Great Expectations

Oh soul of mine,
Why do you harangue me ?

Such lofty titles,
Realms of the godly,
And of all supreme.

Merit for a stable,
Hopes to live in abundance,
Wages of a poor man,
Tastes of caviar and champagne.

Palaces of gold and myrrh,
Notions of a rented house.
Devoid of inspirations call,
Walking corridors of marble floor.

When hopes and dreams,
Occur in one secret moment,
I have come to life,
Better said, I have been life.

The patterns forming,
Return to council thy freedom.
Close down celestial heights.
Doors to opportunity closing.

Rhyme brings me rhythm,
To savour all and see.
The great expectations
Come to nought, to plus,
Or to bring new hope to me.