Wednesday, February 29, 2012

True Faith

True Faith

So you know me ?
This is your life !
Welcome to my world,
The hell you didn't want,
A place you'd shied away.
Preferring to think of heaven,
A place to die for,
And die you surely shall.

All that is here are,
The remnants of ancient lore.
Wisdom without a conscience,
To fill the killing fields.

How is it measuring up,
To the dream you've had ?
Same for all of us
I venture, a lack luster life.
Foiled by such evil deeds done,
Where love has disappeared.

Though I have never met Marie, I feel sure that she wanted us all to know about this crime and our guilt over it's continuance, because she bravely put herself in harms way to report on it. God bless you now Marie, you are free from our shame..