Tuesday, March 13, 2012


It doesn't matter more,
The years have been and gone.
And I recall as if you were
Still here, each precious minute.

Engraved for all of eternity,
Upon my heart and in my soul.
The grace of your light,
The presence of one special girl.

It doesn't help me forget,
Each new love only reveals.
Just how much I'd really been,
Waiting my whole life for you.

Forgive me if you still care,
For I have carried you everywhere.
And I have not found solace,
In the arms of the stranger.

I thought that true fate,
Would have reunited us again.
I have believed my entire life,
That your love would be mine.

Whilst there is breath in me,
I can only go forward, go on.
No place I'll not search you,
Or hope and believe you'd belong.

Cassiopeia is the light from above,
When I've prayed for you and.
Waited in doorways, turned every page,
Inspected the details, the glove in my hand.

And as I go on longing,
To find you here in my arms.
The universe is yet at working,
To manoeuvre our paths to cross.