Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Power of three, a trilogy.

I was the Sunrise

On a day, an ordinary day,
I broke free of the dark,
Sprang into the world, shining bright.

Birth was a beginning to me,
A place where I began to grow,
Set out to climb to great heights.

At my zenith I was me,
All the power of burning light,
Something guiding my feet into sight.

Then, no-one knew me at all,
For I was new and unnamed,
A marvel coming into the world to delight.

And even the birds sang shrilly,
To court me in my ascension,
For I was the sunrise, the dawning of light.

I Am the Present

Here in my zenith of power,
I am not without humility.
Because without you, I am nothing.

Imagine me rising high above,
Where no-one, not a soul moved.
So who would have noticed me ?

You could say I had not been,
For who would record the event,
Were it not being seen by you ?

And because of this one truth,
The present moment becomes a law,
For eternity to follow into life.

How grand do I feel here,
Shining the emancipated revelation,
Of what being present draws near ?

I will be the Sunset

Towards the evening I wane,
Losing ground raining down the same.
Disappearing from horizon, knowing a name.

Your eyes and your skin cool,
Where my march leaves shadows to pool.
Simply that I follow a cosmic rule.

The end of an incredible day,
Where life has taught me to play.
I drop behind the earth, moving away.

For you I am the sunset,
To others the present moment.
Still others I will be the sunrise.

Don't grieve for my return,
Accept the day I had arrived.
Enjoy me, for I will be the sunset.

A trilogy of me.