Thursday, March 29, 2012

Insights of Inca Warriors

Insights of Inca Warriors
(The Celestine Prophecy)

Here I see a light.
Inclusive, not that elusive,
Describing a new dawn of man.
I saw you and was reminded,
Of a day where we had been,
Here before as in a dream.

Life is a mystery to be revealed,
When destiny delivers a clue,
Of all that you're supposed to do.
You surely see as I this view,
Redefined a strategy for I and you,
Of what purpose is hidden now,
Sacred announcements of a world-view.

In simple things, the grandeur,
Will be known. From the least to
The slightest, all will have to
Know the glory of the divine,
Understanding how to matter in time.

Our insecurity to comprehend,
And to conquer everything will pass,
When we reconnect with it all.
What glory in dominating, when
The worst of humanity we display ?
Wake up and see, a better way to be.

If we fail to join again as one,
Our planet will become, over run.
If we act through fear still,
We shall dis-empower our greater will,
To be the ones who fulfil.

Perceive the greatest beauty here,
Right before your shielded eyes.
Come to know the real worth,
Of a perpetual existence here on earth.
Let the highest self awareness come,
Don't hanker after, more destruction done.

Let go, dissolve the bond, release control,
Feel the joy of remaining still.
Listen to your echoes on the breeze,
Find power of life from living trees.
A reality like none we've known before,
Opening a hope to bring us more.
See truth in the evolution of,
A world of peace and perfect love.

Following the clues will show,
Intuitively everywhere we have to go.
Interpret for the greatest good,
Decide from the heart, let energy flood.
And as you and I pursue,
Clearer will become the NOW view.
Our mission to possess the earth,
Will reveal peace, bring joy to birth.

And when the critical mass,
Have grown large enough to pass,
Us through the door of understanding,
We'll live the life we've had a hand in.
Our energy will vibrate so fast,
All the universe, no more so vast.
Will be evolution in a waking flow,
We'll exalt the definitions as we grow.

And here we'll know from experience,
There never really was a fence.
No barriers to preclude our way,
From reaching dreams from day to day.
Our purpose here will be complete,
Evolving from encounters that we meet.
To show us here the steps to take,
As we realise that heaven is what we make.