Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Just help yourself to my lips

Just help yourself to my lips

if I were a juicy apple,
would you bite me, just once ?

then, help yourself to my lips,
find the delight of passion.
let the kissing commence
and persist, till it's gone out of fashion.

adore me and kissing frogs,
for who knows what will happen.
the sweet aroma of love
between our souls shall brighten.

be greedy if you will dare,
to feast upon soft supple skin.
kiss the mouth of your lover,
feel all the desire I hold within.

taste the evocative fruits here,
of so many unknown new flavours.
let your tongue foray too,
sense the emotion my heart favours.

cherry ripe and sweet nectar
will bring you to your knees.
kiss as if there's no tomorrow,
surrender to the keening please.

fold your heart in pieces,
when conquered by my touch.
knowing how to kiss my lips,
is your gift I want so much.

so help yourself to my lips
and drive the blues away.
and don't put off till tomorrow,
what you can have right here today.