Saturday, March 24, 2012

Intelligent Stupidity

Intelligent Stupidity

So here they say listen,
Let us be your guides.
We know what is best for you,
Our law and rule provides.

But all I can see is this,
It is madness on a grand scale.
The way they set the road,
Is a road that can only fail.

There is no adherence to love,
In the plans they bring for greed.
To stockpile more hate and ammunition,
Who will benefit from this need ?

Oh yes they are highly schooled,
The most intelligent of our men.
And gather wealth and riches,
But don't share it out again.

We need a war to cull the weak,
Is heard in a high social circle.
I bet you they won't volunteer,
For the front line heart of purple.

The crisis, what global crisis ?
We'll just borrow more promised cash.
As long as we have our Bentleys,
Who cares about a financial crash...

Gaddafi's gone, so who'll be next,
To propagate our stupid demands ?
The oil you've stored, we're having,
As we plunder all your lands.

Who cares that one day soon,
There will be no more to take ?
The planet cries out ceaselessly,
As a mess of her we make......