Monday, March 26, 2012

The Fragile Line

The Fragile Line

Step out of childhood,
move into adolescence.
Sweet innocence,
Naivety, but beware.

Gone the days
where freedom was the rule.
To live and laugh
and be a fool.

Lost in perceived reality
of what you must do.
Who you have to be,
what is right or wrong.

Please don't cross quickly,
stay to savour youth.
Once you've jumped,
no going back for you.

This poem is all about the rush for girls to become young women. It will happen in due course, life is about change. I merely feel it is pushed along far too quickly by fashion and social pressures, which rob to some degree the innocence of childhood.
The cover image/s Is/are cut and paste from google search engines. I believe they to be free to use and appropriate to express my point.