Monday, March 05, 2012

Forged from the Stars

Forged from the Stars

A calling from so far away,
I feel like going home to see.
No wonder then I surely know,
For ancient stars are part of me.

Collisions in the outer space,
An explosion of awesome power.
Billions of years of light ago,
Is where these atoms waited to flower.

Want that I'd recall the view,
From heavens before the dawn.
Time began with you and me,
And grows forever and ever born.

Our particles confide to tell,
The truth of this awesome scatter.
That founded all in our domain,
And everything that's part of matter.

To me it fits creations way,
A power no-one can ever contain.
It grew and grew and grew so big,
When that bang began to sound again.

Travelling at the speed of light,
Was way too slow at first you see.
A mega tonne particle of pure energy,
Was way too small compared to me.

But move it did and amplify,
'Til here we are, alive because.
Marvels of the act of love,
That forged us from the stars above.