Monday, March 12, 2012



So drugs are bad for us,
And should be banned they say.
Then what of the television,
Wouldn't it be better, this to throw away ?

A drug is something to alter state,
What more evidence do you need,
For the argument that the T.V.
Is a drug upon which we feed ?

We come in from our work,
And switch off , relax in front of the screen.
Is it not dangerous to allow,
These images drift right in, almost unseen ?

What control will we have then,
When the subtleties of the programmers view,
Takes a deep seated mental image,
Controlling most of everything you'll then do ?

Maybe you will scoff at this,
Saying it really ain't like that.
But please, pay attention again,
To why you go shopping, to buy this or that.

Yes we all need food to eat,
And clothes upon bodies to keep warm.
But who's taking in all your money,
When you're left feeling forlorn ?

Is it not the greed of the rich,
To try to sell you a dream,
Encouraging you to buy much more,
For them to have their profits obscene ?

My friends let me ask you,
To review all that I've left said.
Be very careful of the thief active
In your homes, who is filling your head.

Look out for the forthcoming new song by Megan Henwood