Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm sure he saw me

I'm sure he saw me

I'm sitting in the Aleph,
The point of all mystery, again,
And looking about me aware.

Someone on a phone, angry.
A couple choosing a holiday spot.
The guy and his dog, quiet.
And the teenagers incessantly talking.
And then he looks over, smiles.

I look behind, checking who,
What, where, he gazes nicely.
I'm sure he's looking at me,
So I wave timidly unsure, and nod
A sign of friendliness in return.

The man, broad, blonde and rugged,
Must be a soldier a warrior.
He has that look in his eyes,
Steely determination, yet something more.
Possibly kindness as if a surprise.

He dips his head, a nod
Returned and more smiles,
What a nice guy.

I take a sip of my latte,
And soon drift away.
The aroma of chicory pleases
Where the mind has wandered off.

I am drinking again, when,
The shop owner comes over
To the 'marine man mountain',
And speaks.
The dog gets up first to lead,
His harness an obvious shock,
When smiling man gets to his feet,
And is lead to the door.

I'm flabbergasted, our connection
An error I have overlooked.
As he passes he turns deliberately
To smile once again,
Though he's as blind as a bat.