Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spicy Debates

Spicy Debates

I have seen, heard and felt,
Just what can be achieved from debate.
It is our opportunity to compete,
And put our ideas to the test.

One or two raise the tempo,
When they get animated with passion.
But is it really necessary to win,
When debate is really an open forum ?

We either inherited our viewpoint,
Or created them like irons in the fire.
So it seems that we will take umbrage,
If someone else opposes our view.

What I have noticed is that,
We all think we are right.
So how can there be so many,
Right ways to dissect and divide ?

For a debate to begin there are,
Already more than one standpoint.
Right or wrong doesn't come into it,
For subjectively they are misnomer's.

We have been disagreeing forever,
Since before even time had begun.
It depends always on the viewpoint,
Of where we had founded our stand.

And in creation of new ideas,
There will always be a heat.
Add the spice of life to the mix,
You'll have one real hot debate.

Sarah Palin 'v' Cenk Uygar