Thursday, August 08, 2013

Returning a favour.

Returning a favour.

Do unto others,
As you would have them
Do to you.
This is nothing new,
I'm sure you knew a smile,
Could touch my soul.
As I can also return,
The favour of a hug...

Somehow you knew,
Just what I had really needed.
Thank you dear stranger,
I hope you felt loved,
As we shared that strange intimacy.
The gift of another,
As priceless as gold,
As precious as you...

Wonderful and refreshing,
It has been to see your tears,
Proof of life.
He will always know your
Deepest and most immortal love.
Even I could glimpse,
The passion you had known,
A truly beautiful soul.

Supernatural a synchronicity,
That you arrived as if on queue,
To help me.
Angels walk amongst us daily,
I have seen one in my joy,
Your spirit bared, inviting,
How I now smile,
Thank you this favour.

'Bookstore Angel'