Saturday, August 10, 2013

Right out of the blue !

  Right out of the blue !

                                          You !
Summer lover once more burn,
Come back in a second,
Right out of the blue !

You somehow yet remembered me ?
My face has become young,
Whence where we laughed.

The excitement now surges in,
Tender the memories of holding
Hands as we strolled along.

That will yet burn me down,
Heart, concealed every tiny clue,
Of the memories I made with you.

                                          Amazing !
To be remembering this light,
The crazy way we shared love,
In fantastic passions and fun.

Have become my waking thoughts,
Alive, the sense of decadence,
We created in that open space.

Was our way to share delight,
Fighting for each other well,
How we made everything right.

You have made me crave,
One more breath of your hair,
One more touch of your hands.

                                          Glad !
Is my heart now stirring,
Like a powerful motor whirring,
Please come back and stay !