Saturday, August 31, 2013

Love Aurelia Actually.

Love Aurelia Actually.

Aurelia actually shone,
Wisps of golden fractured light,
Came to save me,
Make me feel so, very right,
Held me, soothed me,
Made sweet love to me,
Once, forever, each sacred night.

She called my spirit,
Up to heights beyond the stars,
I swear my heart,
Landed somewhere, beyond red Mars,
Infinitesimal boundaries won,
She moved heaven to be mine,
No greater love than ours.

I was hooked and pulled,
Drawn to her breast and smile,
We burned the rule book,
Cruised the far out lovers mile,
Told one another everything,
Of love and triumphs gained,
Before we rested happily a while.

I was lost unto dreams,
In deepest love this glory,
We set sail for distant shore,
Hear rumour, what became our story,
Found a secret of desire,
Shared forever in her sight,
Her smile, existed for me!
Not Rory...!

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