Friday, August 09, 2013

Bad Man.

      Bad Man.

Punishing the room,
Hanging on a foetid breath,
Something vile in his smile,
Why he wears a stone,
And why my senses cool.

Banishing the peace,
All his eyes roving, steal,
Courage from the gentle folk,
Where we had laughed out loud,
None will meet his gaze.

Menacing this place,
He barks to get his way,
Leaving fear in timid hearts,
Proud is he, his will invites,
None to be his friend.

Finishing the fun,
Quickly cools the atmosphere,
Everyone somehow feels the dark,
Brought here upon his shoulders,
Chilling winds of irrational fear.

Sponsoring the darkness,
What we all steer clear,
Someone leaves under the cloud,
Before the pressure would kill,
Every happiness inside desire.

Captivating in ignorance,
His words insult the girl,
Selling what he carries here,
But robbing what he ought not,
By malevolence in his heart.