Sunday, August 04, 2013

I fear the light is dying..!

I fear the light is dying..!

Under the star filled, celestial sky,
All I dreamed of, could die.
Some part of me loses why,
You no longer catch my eye...

Woulds't that your open arms come,
Hold me in the night time some.
Search for me in times of fun,
Calling my name till heaven's done...

You wield the sword of tragedy,
When love unrequited comes to me.
Bringing no more light for free,
Nothing tender my heart to see...

I fear the light in me is dying,
A tear escapes to prove I'm crying.
Lost all passion you were buying,
When I felt alone, the only one trying...

No longer do I wake at night,
The visions of you before my sight.
I've begun to lose the will to fight,
Not knowing wrong from something right...

Called beyond the mighty witches tree,
I drowned in ponds beyond the sea.
I ran alone beyond where you'd be,
And found no-one, beyond only me...

Gold has been taken by another,
Lost to me an affectionate lover.
She attracts me, no more than a brother,
Beneath this bitterness, love I smother...

Why could I not have forever sure,
The gifts bestowed only on the poor?
This crash will zero, my life's score,
I fear the light in me still dying more.......