Sunday, August 04, 2013

Lights Go Out....

         Lights Go Out....

The lights are on,
but maybe no-one's home,
I felt sure I'd seen,
a place I'd call home.

There was a passion,
moving me to be free,
filling my heart with joy,
leading me to believe love free.

All I had wanted,
walked before me in grace,
stole my full attention,
brought my eyes to see grace.

How my smile broadened,
because of this exotic woman,
the blood in my veins,
became heated for this woman.

Someone special I noticed,
far more pretty in my eyes,
took my breath away at once,
the vision holy to my eyes.

Deep was my yearning,
to be held between her arms,
feel the love of treasures,
I'd dreamed protected, by my arms.

So what bodes now,
I see a flickering of light,
pressure calls me to admit,
I'm lost without her light.

Beneath her glorious shadow,
I know no other greater place,
loving light she shared with me,
has now desolated my place.