Sunday, August 11, 2013

Can you spare some change?

Can you spare some change?

I do not presume,
To judge you.
You ask and I hear,
"Can you spare some change, sir?"
And all I feel,
Is not pity, not guilt,
But what change will heal?

Coins you seek,
A way to scavenge,
Take without giving back,
What hope is there?
You know nothing,
Of my own tragedies,
Nor do you really care.

Tiny minds fuel tiny dreams,
Score some gear, some beer,
A chance to escape despair,
Exchanging types of misery.
I beg you listen,
To your soul speaking,
If you'd care to listen.

Evil be-gets more evil,
Spiral of deceptions accrue.
And in your subway patter,
I believe all hope is gone.
Take a day off abusing,
Eat for all you're worth,
Don't choke on crooked tongue.

(The image above is not of the particular beggar whom inspired this poem. I do know the actual beggar personally and hence the reason for this poem. There is no financial reason why she has to beg.)