Thursday, August 08, 2013

Don't Bring Me Down.

   Don't Bring Me Down.

Know this,
The truth shall set you free..!
Have you discovered something,
A better way for us to be..?

When you,
Conspire to hide every detail,
It makes me sick to feel,
You'll even be reading my email..

Two words,
'Jason Bourne', is coming true.
With every day you survive,
We're having revealed what you do.

Hypocritical lier's,
We know what you really are.
With your fancy things, elite friends,
And tentacles spread wide and far.

Cold hearted,
You pervert the rightful course.
Feed the thronging masses nothing,
But your stinking bull$*!t or worse.

Corrupted views,
That lead no-one to real hope.
You fabricate so much deception,
How much longer shall we cope..?

Thieves suited,
As if they should be trusted.
The towers of power crumbling,
It's almost time to see you busted...

Comical suicide,
To see now your lives reaping.
The karma of your insipid natures,
For the truth you were not keeping...