Sunday, August 04, 2013

Don't Let Your Son Go Down On Me.

Don't Let Your Son Go Down On Me.

Apocalyptic sentence,
Hark the Sparrow sings.
Deafness calling,
Torn my tiny wings.

Though defeat,
Of a love I held,
Keeps repeating,
See my light beheld.

Woman abandoned,
To be never again.
Twisted, embittered,
No more of the same.

Rugged Adonis,
Sends me a sign.
Passionate lovers,
We take our time.

Fever betrays,
To seek my reward.
Taking revenge,
Could I ever afford?

Somehow betrothed,
By love I am blind.
Tender surrender,
His mouth ever kind.

Strategy failing,
I die for her curves.
Sensual potions,
The feminine form serves.

Broadly elated,
Alive to be taken.
Renounced promiscuity,
Where my tower be shaken...