Thursday, August 15, 2013

World in Motion.


Shocking to think,
It could always be the same.
One day the same again,
Do you think life is a game?

Revolutions of consciousness,
Are preparing to undo it all.
What unravels will undo belief,
Where consciousness appears to scorn.

Days are coming,
Whence the light shall dim.
Darkness takes what shall begin,
And life ends the glory coming.

Race to purify,
So love will stand a chance.
Stand not alone in tempest,
All fire in howling winds purify.


Spot the loser,
That takes no pride in faith.
Pride will lead to his fall,
Taking down this loser in fear.

Move to action,
And save a hope you've had.
Someone came to save desire,
They burned this love of action.

Love for life,
Will be the power we choose.
Only sharing the power can,
Breath beauty upon this life.

World in motion,
Moves the time we carry.
Time is false to bearing love,
It's our motion producing life....