Thursday, August 08, 2013

There is no fear ?

There is no fear ?

Could you see a clue,
Of why, what you do,
Manifests the actual events,
That you'd hope, to prevent?

Do not be in fear,
Let more love in, draw it near,
Change the way that you react,
Deny your fear accepting fate.

Only the stupid listen here,
Forgetting this destructive fear,
For it lives on inside you still,
And denying it shall make you ill.

Accept in love, every fact,
Let it help the way you react,
Be a lover not a hater,
For in this act you're being greater!

Darkness has a need for light,
Without it, seriously there is no right,
Be the change you wish to see,
Accepting this shall set you free.

Fear is not your enemy,
Pay it mind and you shall see,
It forces us to adapt and grow,
Be mindful, what you reap you sow.

Tell yourself you're being kind,
Then happiness is what you'll find,
Live your life without regrets,
For pain is all, that beg-gets.

Be courageous and love your fear,
Otherwise you'll draw it near,
And all your life be subdued,
Keeping you in darkest mood....

Let it go, be free........!