Sunday, August 04, 2013

I Just Gotta.

      I Just Gotta.

Some days it seems likely,
I will not be able to cope,
If I can not hold you,
Show you that I care,
Share this light everywhere.

And for once in my life,
Each day seems like a hell,
Perched on the edge of despair,
Wanting softly to stroke your hair,
And drown in your wonderful smell.

Imagine no heaven,
Greater than what you share,
A girl so very precious,
Filling me with this joy,
Knowing that she'll always care.

Tales of conquering the wind,
Dreams of love on my skin,
Views of paradise on earth,
Holding me like your arms,
Cannot be a mortal sin.

So I must begin to dance,
Let your power drown me,
Take me up on a journey,
High out across the plains,
Where only your love remains.

Life enjoyed to it's very best,
Friends who rose becoming lovers,
Bold and true with dignity,
Holding out our peace to others,
I just gotta get this message to you..!

I love Marshall's style and rhythm.
He really rocks.....