Sunday, August 04, 2013

If I Go Before You Wake.

If I Go Before You Wake.

What could be sweeter,
I watch a silent sleeper,
Moved by pretty nuances,
That give no reassurances.
Do you feel abundant joy,
Ever challenged by this boy?
Should he let all things lie,
Wide awake now as summer sky?

Dream of happiness restored,
Feel how much you are adored,
Play in fields of amber grain,
Where pure love cannot wane.
Are you fonder than before,
Of all my ways of giving more?
Will you smile for me again,
And will your heart in love remain?

Pass your dreams unto my eye,
Feel this love, don't wonder why,
Come and share your every thought,
Show me how by love we're taught.
Are times changing like the wind,
And do you falter to pretend?
Can we live in fantastic places,
Show love unknown upon our faces?

Be the light my world desires,
Create a heat and stoke my fires,
Tell me what you'd have me do,
So I should prove my love for you.
Can love conquer all your dreams,
Will this be easy, as it seems?
And if I go before you wake,
Is your love still mine to take?