Sunday, August 04, 2013

Love is a strange town.

Love is a strange town.

Stranger I be in this place,
Cool winds breath,
A smile across my face.
Love could be a stranger,
For she has been no friend,
Someday, somehow, someway,
My broken heart shall mend.

Fooled by all the joyfulness,
Warm skin shared,
Before I drowned in all this mess.
Love was nowhere to be found,
When I called out her name,
No way, no how, no where,
Could she undo my shame.

Vanquished by a force unkind,
Hated over tenderness,
Is how this choice I find.
Did I want to know a stranger,
In vows of love still unrequited?
For all the folly it would bring,
With strange emotions who're invited.

Freedom comes from letting go,
Balance of desire,
Would have let my wisdom grow.
Body soul and with a passion,
We had come so long together.
Now this town is in desolation,
And it will be lost to me forever...

Paul Weller and the Jam are legend..