Sunday, August 04, 2013

To Grow Old With Love...

To Grow Old With Love...

I saw you approaching,
Through the windows of my heart.
How would I not see,
Such beauty and delicate allure?
My pulse ran, and my heart leapt,
Silently a desire to be held,
Was all I could let be debate.
Mouth dry, eyes wide, hands damp,
And the love of life increase.
You finally came and sat besides,
And all my senses heightened.
In the look of love unveiled,
By my own desire I was frightened.
What is my basis for belief,
That life with you could be divine?
Could I hope against all odds,
That one day girl, you be mine?
Special people come not oft',
'Tis why I've fell so hard for you.
Test my will and my resolve,
To be available for the magic you do.

Your sandalled feet hold slender love,
I notice how polished blue refines.
Staring long and deeply inside,
I see such care for me that shines.
I'm sure you've barely noticed how,
My eyes follow you everywhere.
I'm hooked beyond what's rational,
As I try hard not to stare.
But you're so gorgeous who could blame,
This man of simple worldly means?
If he had dreamed of life in love,
With you, the element of his dreams.
Forgive me please my awkward way,
I find it hard to yet reconcile.
The way my energy is brought alive,
And how near you I could while.
Lost in daydreams I now see,
The attentions I have brought along.
You are walking straight to me,
Have you sang this same sad song?


A reminder of what really matters,
Thank you Glen Campbell

Also a huge thank you to John and Yoko.

'All you need is love'.