Sunday, August 04, 2013



The wind may be random,
But not I, not I alone,
Believe it has no direction.
Blowing me, showing strength,
Causing motion under pressure,
Forcing movements over land.

Show me where I roam,
Plough me into craggy mountains,
Force me over desert sands.
Wilder than a rabid madman,
Love my notions once again,
Until the dream is glorified.

Filter all my wanton cravings,
Make me earn my wage,
Long before I leave Utopia.
Calm my spirit under star-fields,
Hold my thoughts beyond paranoia,
Give me something to believe.

Webs of ancients hold,
Dreams on paradise yet arriving,
Found beneath untimely heavens.
Cold may be the reckoning,
For I will solve nothing,
Until the light has come.

Shake before eternal brightness,
Lord have mercy on my soul,
Take revenge out on no-one.
Lead me into dreams unfolding,
Glassy seas and summer breeze,
Partisans to a new Earth.

Wild becomes a passion stirring,
Full of love and peace,
Strong for life and sharing.
Catch all dreams I desire,
Lift us through into light,
Awake and conscious of each other.