Sunday, August 04, 2013



To say I have loved,
maybe more than most do,
is somewhat of an enigma,
when I compare it all,
with a number significantly
higher, than the one
she had in mind,
seemed somehow,
less than refined,
wined and dined,
and 69'd.
But how can I undo,
something ultimately true,
where her resentments grew?
I have been blessed,
to have known such beauty,
rare, exotic and petulant fruit,
someone in rags,
but with cash in the boot.
Striving to enjoy life,
hopeful of a rich reward,
by someone special,
to be truly adored.
I claim none of victory,
whilst I count out the cost,
of someone special I've lost.
Sacred gone sour,
pain brought me no power,
this statement of fact,
not really reflective,
of my finest hour....

If you haven't seen this film,
I highly recommend it.

 And how does our tale end?
Will love be waiting for all eternity 
here on the beach?

Why not....